Report a Sighting of an Apparent Living Pterosaur

Since early 2004, I have received reports of live “pterodactyls,” called by various names (including “flying dinosaur,” “dinosaur bird,” and “dragon”). For eyewitnesses living in Western cultures, like the United States, it can be disturbing to witness a flying creature that we have been taught has been extinct for many millions of years. I understand the problem.

Universal extinction dogma regarding pterosaurs, no matter how many textbooks declare it as if fact, is wrong. Not all species of pterosaurs became extinct. Eyewitnesses around the world, from various cultures and various languages, have reported to me their encounters. Certain characteristics of the descriptions combine in ways making it obvious that these are real biological creatures, not ghosts from the past or hallucinations from deep in the human past. Modern pterosaurs, of various species, eat like other animals and have their own fears; in fact, generally they fear humans more than many, if not most, other wild animals.

If you have seen something like a “pterodactyl,” please report to me your sighting. Thank you.

Jonathan Whitcomb



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