About Investigators of Living Pterosaurs

By Jonathan D. Whitcomb

First, please see the following page:

Living Pterosaurs

It’s a long page that tells a little about each of twelve men who have investigated reports of extant pterosaurs and have searched for those flying creatures. Most of their expeditions have been in Papua New Guinea.

Here, however, we look at only two of those men and add two more: Carl Baugh and Josh Gates. Consider this as a supplement to the above “about us” page.

Paul Nation

In many of my publications, both online and in books, I’ve mentioned the contributions Paul Nation has made through his expeditions in Papua New Guinea as he has searched for living pterosaurs. Yet he has done more than that.

He helped me and David Woetzel and Garth Guessman in preparing for our two expeditions on Umboi Island in 2004, and that was a major help. In addition, Paul Nation helped missionary Jim Blume in getting a new rudder onto his plane, in 2017, on the mainland of Papua New Guinea. Get the details here: Fifth expedition by Paul Nation. On his blog, he has written much about his investigation of reports of living pterosaurs.

David Woetzel

Aside from searching for living dinosaurs and pterosaurs in various areas of the planet, David Woetzel wrote a scientific paper that was published in a peer-reviewed journal: “The Fiery Flying Serpent.” Much of it explains how early records in human history, including into the 19th century, relate to the concept that some species of pterosaurs have lived with humans.

Carl Baugh

This Biblical creationist went on two expeditions in Papua New Guinea, in the 1990’s, in search of living pterosaurs and those who have witnessed them. He and his associates were successful in finding eyewitnesses; they had less success in their search for the animals themselves. Yet their work helped prepare for expeditions in the early 21st century, and those were more successful. Of special note was the 2006 expedition of Paul Nation, in which he videotaped the bioluminescent glow of two indavas.

Josh Gates

At about the time that the Destination Truth team met with me, Jonathan Whitcomb, in their office in Hollywood in 2006, Paul Nation was finishing his expedition on the mainland of Papua New Guinea. I gave the team the latest information I had on Nation’s success there, and within a few months, in 2007, the Destination Truth (DT) TV-show team had a similar success in videotaping a strange flying light in Papua New Guinea.

Josh Gates led the DT group as they searched for a cave in the Salamaua area. They eventually found one, and he led a brief exploration of the cave. After they discovered human bones, they made a quick exit. Later they videotaped a flying light that could not be identified by the forensic experts who examined the footage.

PNG native Jacob Kepas (left) is interviewed by Josh Gates

Josh Gates (right) interviewed Jacob Kepas in 2007 in Papua New Guinea




Ropen — a modern pterosaur

During the past fourteen years of my investigation into reports of apparent extant pterosaurs observed worldwide, I have relied on the descriptions in those eyewitness reports more than on the labels used for the animals people have seen.


Living Pterosaurs in Louisiana

I [Jonathan Whitcomb] have received reports from persons on every continent except Antarctica, and most of those were from the eyewitnesses themselves rather than from second-hand or third-hand accounts.


Recent Reports of Pterosaur Sightings

In the United States, living pterosaurs in:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • North Carolina


Genesis Park Pterosaurs

From the research and the searching of David Woetzel


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