Bible Timetable Verified in Pterosaur Photo

By nonfiction author Jonathan Whitcomb

Clifford Paiva, a scientist living in California, this past January suggested I write a small book about what we have discovered in an old photograph. I just finished writing the nonfiction Modern Pterosaurs, which supports a Biblical timetable regarding the Flood of Noah.

The book answers the following questions:

  1. Why did it take so long for scientists to get a photo of an extant pterosaur?
  2. What supports the idea that some pterosaurs are not extinct?
  3. Why believe in eyewitnesses of these flying creatures?
  4. How many persons, worldwide, have seen living pterosaurs?
  5. Have the American researchers been honest?
  6. What have the two scientists discovered in the Ptp photo?
  7. How does the evidence greatly favor an extant pterosaur in Ptp?
  8. Why do Paiva and Whitcomb believe in modern pterosaurs?
  9. Why are finger-tips missing on the hand of one of the soldiers?
  10. How do we know that Photoshop was not involved in the photo?
  11. What dinosaurs have been Carbon-dated at only tens of thousands of years old?
  12. Is the animal seen in this photo a ropen?
  13. Who has seen a large featherless flying creature in the United States?
  14. Why are skeptics and critics wrong about the Civil War photograph?
  15. How is mathematical probability related to belief in modern pterosaurs?
  16. Why do some persons immediately reject the photo, before looking at it closely?
  17. What other nonfiction books have been written about extant pterosaurs?
  18. What is confirmation bias, and how does it relate to Ptp?
  19. How have hallucinations been eliminated in the great majority of sighting reports?
  20. Who has searched for living pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea?
  21. How do the two scientists know the photo is older than about 1870?
  22. Who made a hoax photograph that imitated the older one?

. . .

That is only part of what is covered in this little book of 115 pages: Modern Pterosaurs.

The genre is nonfiction cryptozoology, with only brief comments on the Bible and the Flood of Noah, yet the Biblical perspective is clearly supported. This is about the wonderful discovery made by two Christian scientists: a modern pterosaur in an old Civil War photograph.


recently deceased pterosaur ("pterodactyl") in an old photograph

The American-Civil-War photograph now called “Ptp” is verified authentic by two scientists


Nonfiction cryptozoology book on a photograph of an extant pterosaur

Modern Pterosaurs – nonfiction cryptozoology book




Civil War pterodactyl photo

. . . a scientist (Clifford Paiva, a physicist) has found a number of evidences for the authenticity of the image of the apparent Pteranodon in the older Ptp photo. These include consistent shadows under the boot of the soldier who stands in front of the animal, shadowing consistent with those found on and under the animal.


“Flying Dinosaur” Shot by Civil War Soldiers

. . . we agreed that the image of an apparent Pteranodon, in an old photograph, was a real animal. That photo, now called “Ptp,” is the subject of that nonfiction cryptozoology book.


Biblical Creationist Book

The nonfiction cryptozoology book Modern Pterosaurs . . . supports a Biblical Old Testament point of view . . .


Civil War Pteranodon Photo

The dead flying creature seen in the “Pteranodon photograph,” (Ptp) although it may be called a “pterodactyl” by some Americans and a “ropen” by others, could be a pterodactyloid pterosaur . . .


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