Copyright 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb No Hoaxes in Sightings “[Of] those who have contacted me (from 2004 through 2008), with their reports of apparent living pterosaurs, less than 5% show obvious signs of a hoax or a mental health condition. What about the 95%+? Many of them answer my questions, and those questions tell me more than just descriptions of tails and lack of feathers. . . . I learn about the thoughts and feelings of the person; I then get a feel for that person's credibility. Sometimes I even phone the person and ask questions that a hoaxer would have no time to answer convinc- ingly, if a hoax coverup were attempted. . . . [many] report what they sincerely believe that they saw. They do not contact me with any hoax . . .” Live Pterosaur “I realize that somebody may suggest the eyewitness saw only a model pterosaur; [The] mechanical “pterodactyls” are common. Several details rule out this explanation. The size of the creature was estimated by its appearance when it flew over the road at low altitude; I doubt that he saw a 30-foot- long model. In addition, it was flying from a fenced-off marshy area off-limits to the general public; I doubt that any model- pterodactyl enthusiast would choose that marsh [to launch] a giant model. And why would a it be flown low over a road into a wooded area that was bordered by tall buildings? Its hard to imagine a worse place to fly a model . . .” Ropen Pterodactyl “. . . we [saw] a pterodactyl take off from the ground and then circle back overhead and to the side giving us a perfect side view which clearly showed the long beak and appendage protruding from the back of its head . . . It was a big one! I have a Piper Tri-Pacer airplane . . . and it appeared to be about that size. . . . “. . . my attention was [on] his head, the beak and the unique appendage extending from the back of his head . . . To answer your question about the neck, it was long.” . . . The pterodactyl’s tail was “at least” 10-15 feet long. Pterosaur Alive Finschhafen Harbor, Papua New Guinea, near where Duane Hodgkinson and his army buddy saw a giant “pterodactyl” in 1944 Gitmo Pterosaur” of Cuba --- sketch by the eyewitness Patty Carson Patty Carson described the pterosaur she had observed in S. E. Cuba The U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn also sketched the two pterosaurs he had seen flying over Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (one shown above). He has maintained for decades that he has been telling the truth about what he observed flying over the base.