Free Chess Lessons in a Child Care

The Whitcomb Family Daycare, in Long Beach, California, is one of those rare child care homes in which free chess lessons are offered. This is in addition to free piano lessons, which may be more popular with parents.

man in green shirt is distraut about his losing position in a chess game - cartoon characters

Losing is not usually fun, but sportsmanship can be learned and taught


In chess competition, we all lose a game, at least now and again. But how do we face that loss? In one home child care in Long Beach, California, sportsmanship comes more naturally, as each child develops self esteem in a broader context than just competing in a particular kind of game. A broad pre-school education helps small children enjoy learning, so winning or losing a particular game is less important in the overall context.

For Those Living Around Long Beach, CA

For more information about this child care, call Gladys Whitcomb at 562-427-6027. “You’ll be glad you called Gladys.” (California state license #191604310)


Jonathan Whitcomb provides chess lessons in this home child care, which is supervised overall by Gladys Whitcomb

Jonathan provides chess lessons while Gladys supervises overall activities


Chess Instruction

Jonathan Whitcomb has been teaching chess to beginners since the 1960’s. From the late ’60’s to the early 70’s, he played in chess tournaments and chess matches in Southern California and directed a small USCF (United States Chess Federation) tournament in Pasadena. He teaches much more than the rules of chess. He teaches tactics in ways that can be understood by children.

These chess instructions are provided for free to children who are in the Whitcomb Family Daycare, at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807 (California home child care license #191604310).


Home Child Care in Long Beach, California

The Whitcomb Family Daycare offers preschool education in the loving secure environment of a home that was built, in part, with child care in mind.


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