Chess Books for Teenagers

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If you’re looking for a chess book to give to a teenager or if you are the teenager—either way, you need to consider the skill level of the reader. The following books are for those who already know the rules of chess, for teenagers can learn those rules from many sources. They don’t need a book just for that.

Beat That Kid in Chess

Contrary to what one might assume from the title, this book is not for little kids. The reading level is for teenagers, adults, and some older children.

"Beat That Kid in Chess" front cover

And Beat That Kid in Chess is not restricted to winning against children. It teaches the “raw” beginner how to win chess games against other beginners. And this book is honest about what it takes to make big progress. In the Introduction it says:

[This book] might not take the place of seriously struggling through eighty games, however, for over-the-board experience teaches in its own way. Yet you might soon see your opponent struggle in competing with you, as you apply these lessons and teach [your opponent] humility. It’s about time.

At the beginning of the book—that’s where the importance of playing experience is emphasized. But from there it shows you the tactics and techniques that will most quickly lead you to avoiding a loss and getting a win.

Beat That Kid in Chess is for the beginner who knows the rules of the game but hardly anything about winning against a determined opponent. It may be the best chess book available for quickly teaching the novice to win his or her first game.

How to Beat Your Dad at Chess

This is not for the beginner who has little experience winning chess games. It’s much better for the intermediate player, or the post-beginner, who has learned how to compete with a least a little competence but who wants to learn many different ways of bringing home the victory. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess is all about checkmates.

review of book "How to Beat Your Dad at Chess"One book review said, “It was the best of books; it was the worst of books.” It depends a great deal on the playing skill of the reader and what that person wants to accomplish. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess is best for the teenager who already has the skill to look more than one or two moves ahead. It could be the worst chess book for the player who has recently learned the rules of the game. For the latter, get Beat That Kid in Chess.



Adult or Teenager Chess Book

‘Beat That Kid in Chess’ may be the only book of its kind for beginners, in that it regularly uses ‘nearly identical positions’ that make up a new method of teaching chess

Another chess book for beginners

My new paperback book . . . is for the early beginner . . . who knows the rules of chess but almost nothing else about the game.

Chess books online

‘The Blue Book of Chess’ by Howard Staunton [free]

Chess Book for a Novice

[This] may be the best chess book for the novice who wants to learn how to win but does not want to go through a book that is over 200 pages long

Best chess book for beginners

For those who have never before read a chess book, know the rules of the game, and want to learn how to win—they probably need ‘Beat That Kid in Chess.’