Légal’s Trap

That’s the name for this chess opening trap: “Legal.” There are actually several possible varieties of this simple trap; the following is one likely version, perhaps the most likely one to come up in actual chess games.

  1. e4     e5
  2. Nf3   Nc6
  3. Bc4   d6
  4. Nc3   Bg4
  5. h3   . . . . .     This is setting the trap. Not 5. Nxe5?? for black can play 5. . . . . Nxe5
  6. . . . .   Bh5?        This is a blunder.
  7. Nxe5!  Bxd1??     The fatal second blunder.
  8. Bxf7+  Ke7
  9. Nd5 mate


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