San Francisco Scholastic Championship

The following shows the top nineteen players who each scored at least three points in this four-round tournament: the San Francisco Scholastic Championship on March 12, 2016. Pre-tournament regular ratings are given after the tournament score.

The ages and grades of the children (or older students) in this chess event in California were not revealed in the official tournament results that were published. It’s assumed that many of the players were from elementary schools in this area of California.

Daniel Hwang (4-0; 1769)

Caelan Bevan-Abel (4-0; 1315-provisional)

Simona Nayberg (3½-½; 1889)

Joseph Weber (3½-½; 1561)

Eeswar Kurli (3-1; 1807)

Steven Hwang (3-1; 1721)

William Chui (3-1; 1454)

Mai’saan Delaney (3-1; unrated)

Shawnak Shivakumar (3-1; 1294)

Zhenhong Guan (3-1; 1377-provisional)

David Xiao (3-1; 1154-provisional)

Faraaz Shah (3-1; 1196)

Erkhes Erdenebileg (3-1; 1242)

Ling Ren (3-1; 1093)

Acoya Dioquino (3-1; 943-provisional)

Jesse Lieberman (3-1; 846)

Alexander Blumling (3-1; 929)

Siddharth Nanjangud (3-1; 954)

Yuvraj Walia (3-1; 827-provisional)

. . .

Notable Accomplishments in this Chess Tournament

Advancements in regular ratings:

David Xiao improved in regular rating, from 1154-prov to an established 1245.

Acoya Dioquino increased in provisional-regular rating: 943 to 1054.

Jesse Lieberman got a huge increase: 846 to 1007.

Yuvraj Walia improved a provisional rating from 827 to 920 (regular).

Caelan Bevan-Abel got a boost in prov-rating: 1315 to 1388.

Mai’saan Delaney was unrated before this chess tournament: Now it’s 1327-prov.

Ben Michelson had two wins in this event: from unrated to 1175-provisional.

Jeremy Cawthon improved a provisional rating from 854 to 901.

Lucas Wu, winning two games, improved from 937 to 1004.

Janoah Ablang was unrated but not anymore: 824 provisional.

James Hu had a provisional rating of 588. Now it’s established at 638, but of course “established” still leaves room for improvement in the future.

Tallulah McCarty Snead got a giant leap: from 457 to 628.

Dylan Chow improved a provisional rating: from 537 to 591.

Kai Ewing was unrated before this tournament in California. Now it’s a provisional 534.

Wilson Wendt improved from 420-prov to 523-prov, an increase of 103 points.

Elsa O’Brien was unrated but now stands at 512 provisional.

Timur Magomedov made a huge jump in provisional rating: from 274 to 470, which is almost two hundred points in improvement. Congratulations!

Carter Fox also improved in provisional: It was 352 but now it’s 438.

Ethan Jin also improved: 351-prov to 403-prov. Good chess, Ethan!

Eashwar Iyer was unrated but now has a provisional USCF chess rating: 752. Congratulations!

Ojas Vatsyayan improved a provisional rating: from 365 to 500. Well done!

Elan Gofman went from 341-prov to 382-prov, with seventeen rated games played by the end of this chess tournament for youth.

Tselmeg Orgilmunkh improved from an established 211 to 285, but of course this may yet increase even more after future rated games of chess have been played.

Rohan Bhatia is also to be congratulated: from 178-prov to 228-prov.

Barkhas Senguun shot up from 120-prov to 200-prov.

Other children or teenagers improved in ratings or increased in knowledge, for losing can bring its own rewards: learning from experience. May each of these young chess players be better off from their experiences in over-the-board chess competition.


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