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Lessons From an Informal Chess Game

The following game I played yesterday at the Harman Chess Club in West Valley City, Utah, with a tactical combination that allowed me to quickly win. . . . [This chess tutor in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah is] offering chess lessons for $25 per one-hour session. The first getting-acquainted session, however, is free.

Chess Lessons in the Salt Lake Valley

Jonathan Whitcomb, author of Beat That Kid in Chess, is now offering lessons in the Salt Lake Valley, with no travel charges for him to drive to your location, if you live in the central communities of the SLV. The $25 chess lessons include one free copy of his book and other materials of instruction.

2016 Utah Speed Championship

Fourteen wins in as many games—that gave 17-year-old Kayden Troff a clear victory at the University of Utah, on Saturday, February 27, 2016, in the open section of the Utah Speed Championship. Bryan Leaño placed second with 10 points from his 14 games, and Matthew Boren got 9 points.


Tactics in Chess Books

Five publications on the royal game:

  • Beat That Kid in Chess
  • Win at Chess
  • 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations
  • How to Beat Your Dad at Chess
  • Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors


Avoiding Blunders in Chess

Black blundered with Bc8


A Rare Chess Opening Move for White

How can you surprise your opponent, when you have the white pieces, making a perfectly sound first move? Move the pawn in front of your queen’s-knight one move forward: b3.

Chess Books — What a Variety!

This begins with general advice on how to choose a chess book. It has short book reviews:

Chess for Children

Beat That Kid in Chess

Winning Chess Tournaments

Best Gift of a Chess Book

Each of the following chess books are here given a brief review, for gift consideration:

The Kids’ Book of Chess

Beat That Kid in Chess

Winning Chess Tactics for Juniors

A New Method: Using the Queen-Versus-Rook

How should a chess instructor teach basic tactics to advanced beginners or lower-ranked tournament players? Consider using the endgame of king-plus-queen versus king-plus-rook. What marvelous tactics can be taught in this kind of endgame!

Best Chess Books in Various Categories

◾Openings in general
◾Middle game
◾End game
◾For the early beginner
◾For the intermediate player
◾For the small child

New Chess Books for Beginners

A few of the newer books on chess, appropriate for beginners, at least apparently for novices of the game . . .

Beat That Kid in Chess
Chess: The Complete Guide
Chess: Conquer your Friends with 8 Easy Principles
Chess: From Beginner to Pro (Kindle)
Chess: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners
Chess: Tactics & Openings To Dominate Your Opponent (Kindle)

Tit-for-tat Chess Game in Magna, Utah

This game well illustrates the use of a skewer, in fact on two occasions, and the same kind: bishop-versus-queen-and-rook. The close proximity of these two skewers is memorable: White’s move #15 and Black’s #16.

White will move Bd6

White to move and appear to win the exchange

Chess Game in a Movie

This post shows stills from the mid-twentieth-century Swedish film The Seventh Seal:

Death accepts the man's terms

It looks like a friendly game of chess . . . Yet watch this movie to the end and you’ll see what happens to the knight. (No spoilers here)

Chess Books for Teenagers

If you’re looking for a chess book to give to a teenager or if you are the teenager—either way, you need to consider the skill level of the reader. The following books are for those who already know the rules of chess, for teenagers can learn those rules from many sources. They don’t need a book just for that.

Beating-Dad Versus Beating-a-Kid, at Chess

This post, written on September 21, 2015, compares two dissimilar books that have similar titles and covers. Most of it is a book review of How to Beat Your Dad at Chess.

How Does a Beginner Win a Chess Game?

This begins with five suggestions on how a novice player can win a game against another beginner. It includes “Learn to imagine a move.”

“Beat That Kid in Chess” – A Book for Beginners

. . . new paperback book Beat That Kid in Chess is for the early beginner, the player who knows the rules of chess but almost nothing else about the royal game (published Sep 2, 2015). This chess book is now available on Amazon and with other online retailers.

It’s for a wide range of readers: adults, teenagers, and some older children. The title implies a narrow focus, but the age of your opponent, in a game of chess, is actually unlimited.

“How to Beat Your Dad at Chess”

Chess Book Review

It was the best of books; it was the worst of books. For average chess beginners or the lower-intermediate-level players, how can this book simultaneously be the best and the worst, this bestseller on the royal game: How to Beat Your Dad at Chess?  It’s complicated.

Teachings From and for the “Backyard Professor”

To begin, I enjoyed watching the Backyard Professor Youtube instructional video “Chess Psychology – Phenomenal Way to Turn Your Thinking Around and Win.” I enjoyed it enough that I plan on watching at least one more of his Youtube videos on chess. I believe that a beginner or even a more experienced player can benefit from watching this video and I suspect his others as well. With that said, I found some limitations. This is not instruction from a grandmaster.

Chess Moves in the Movies

Three films are featured here (not the movies themselves but about the films):

A Little Game
Chess Fever